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Aone International has emerged as a successful Product Sourcing Agent from China and Italy to India in import trade. We have 30 years of experience in the industry and this has led to the birth of our own outlet Namo Selections, where we deal with interior items in Chennai. Because of  our  Knowledge in sourcing materials for others. Aone international has not only managed to get the best-priced products and quality as per Indian Importer Specification and needs but also developed a trustful and professional relationship with Chinese manufacturers and suppliers on one hand and Indian importers on the other.

Aone is dedicated to delivering "Exceptional Service" , World Class Logistics" and although we achieved exceptional growth, we pride ourselves in providing our clients with a level of personalized service second to none. Cargo and import from China by Indian importers were bit of a hassle and complicated, due to language, different cultural barriers and EXIM formalities. Such issues have been dismissed through Aone international becoming China's skilled Product Sourcing agents.



  • Source

    Got a bright idea but no idea how to locate suppliers for the products you want? With our how-to guide, stocking your new business won't be such a chore..For years, we have specialized in the sourcing of infrastructure.

  • Import

    At Aone, it is our endeavour to excel in whatever field we venture into. Our objective is to provide quality products with enduring service and competitive rates – always protecting the clients interests.

  • Export

    Our exports are renowned for their effective functionality, dimensional accuracy as per clients' specifications. The products offered by us are extensively by numerous reputed manufactures and suppliers in China, Italy & Hong Kong.

  • Execution

    We Execute Product that will utilise maximum potential and create a positive environment. Supported by a team with over 30 years' experience and in-depth knowledge of the prevailing trends.




Delivering security and transparency in business dealings is what we stand out for. We make it essential to conduct business investigations, product and pre-shipments investigations before we directly and trade dealings towards you. With a highly skilled team, we focus and assure you the highest levels of security that we can offer.



Our experience and expertise in the field of import and export trade have led us to be the one stop destination for all your trade solutions. Aone International delivers service beyond perception. When it comes to business with the world, we understand the language and cultural complication that arises. Being China's top most product-sourcing agent, we eradicate these barriers and give you complete clean sweep through in your business relations.



We connect every source of trade together, in order to bring a balance between high scale businesses. We assure that the products we source are from highly reputed companies that are of quality. We understand that business needs are endless an there is always a need for something all the time. We make sure you get the right Product that will cater to your need. We connect importers and exporters globally. We also do purchasing, business investigations, market surveys, factory auditing, inspection (product inspection and pre-shipment inspection), virtual office management and import and export agent.



We strive to maintain healthy relationship with our clients. Be it importers or exporters, our experience and knowledge insights gained from down the years enable us to provide end-to-end solutions. The reputations earned because of our solutions has made us gain newer relationship and strengthen the rapport with the existing .There is nothing more to us than a list of accolades, which define our strong association.


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